Document Review

There's power in putting the right legal professionals in the right roles.

Document Review creates more costs and legal headaches for our clients than any other aspect of litigation, government investigations or corporate due diligence. The foundation of all of our services is our ability to build and manage stellar teams for document reviews. We work with our clients to identify and build processes and workflows that help them reduce costs, improve turnaround time, and complete projects in a legally defensible and completely transparent manner. As a premier provider of a complete range of document review and electronic discovery services, we constantly strive to increase efficiencies and add value for every client whether we're staffing reviews, managing and hosting document reviews, or providing world-class project management.

With more than 50 years of combined experience in the legal services space, we've perfected the process behind recruiting, screening, developing, training, and managing review teams. In an industry that remains highly reactive, The Gnoêsis Group remains an industry leader due to our commitment to process, proactive client consultation, and clean, consistent communication.

"Law firms need an edge today. We're aligning with select firms that recognize the opportunity to be proactive for their best clients in the area of document review strategy. Those law firms thereby improve their competitive position, drive new revenue, and develop stickier client relationships."

DAN DEAL - V.P. of Document Review Services

The Gnoêsis Document Review Difference:

1. We Know The Best People

As an employer of choice, The Gnoêsis Group employs the very best talent in the market. Our expert recruiters locate highly experienced and skilled legal professionals with the backgrounds our clients require, including:

  • Particular substance matter experience (e.g., antitrust)
  • Fluency in a foreign language (e.g., Japanese, Spanish)
  • Experience using specific review tools

We carefully screen all of our candidates by conducting bar and reference checks, and face-to-face interviews. We are also able to conduct background checks and further screening, if desired.

2. We Know the Importance of Flexibility and Choice

The Gnoêsis Group can staff projects at clients' offices, at a facility we provide, or through a remote review—an option clients are increasingly choosing for its flexibility in hours and the productivity gains it provides. We operate in all fifty states and many foreign jurisdictions.

Document Review Security

3. We Know the Advantages of our Midwest Location

We strongly encourage our clients to consider the Midwest due to its outstanding cost position, especially when compared to cities on the East and West Coasts. We were performing document review in the Midwest before clients were telling us to. To us it's not a trend, it's just the right way to control costs. With headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, and offices in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, and Kansas City, we are well situated to conduct reviews in these and other low-cost markets.

4. We Know The Value of Comprehensive Project Management

When we manage a project, we do more than timekeeping; we truly manage every step. We are experts at improving efficiency, communicating effectively, and managing people, which results in cost savings, transparency, and defensibility. Our project managers can:

  • Control the queuing of documents to reduce downtime (and, therefore, expense)
  • Analyze productivity
  • Ensure quality standards
  • Provide reports on your time frame and in a form you select
  • Utilize our customized web-based management tool
Large Document Review Center

5. We Know The Critical Role of Security

The Gnoêsis Group is committed to conducting reviews that protect the confidential information of our clients. Beyond the careful screening of all our reviewers, we take a multi-layer approach to security:

  • Physical security including keypad building entry, separate rooms for each project, and keypad entry for each individual review space
  • Network security, antivirus and antimalware software; IP address access limitations on request; and exclusion of mobile devices and outside website access on request
  • Process security, including regularly-updated computer inventory; communications limited to Gnoêsis Group email addresses; available screen guards; access to hosted databases actively managed throughout project; and clearing of cookies and temporary files at conclusion of each project

6. We Know Technology

The Gnoêsis Group has developed a network of technology partners whom we can recommend for the collection, filtering, processing, storing and production of electronically stored information. If you need assistance with only a part of the document supply chain, we can help you locate the ideal solution. We also can help select a review tool that is best for your project or work with whatever review tool you choose.

Document Review Security

"Each client and matter we take on represents challenge and opportunity: the challenge of adapting our processes to the unique nuances and needs of our new project, and the opportunity to grow our business by developing new ways to make our clients' lives easier. My goal on each review, no matter the complexity or time frame, is to deliver more than our client expects."

JEFF ROUSH - Director of Project Management

Take Your Document Review a Step Beyond with Gnoêsis Managed Review

At The Gnoêsis Group, we understand that each client, and each review, comes with unique goals and requirements. While other companies manage their reviewers, we avoid cookie-cutter project management, instead working with our clients to build processes and workflows around the entire project. Our goal? To not only meet but always exceed our clients needs and expectations.

Our Director of Project Management is an attorney and a veteran of both large law firms and document review management who brings a higher level of communication to every review. He understands the nuances of what each client needs, as well as what to expect over the course of an engagement. Always focused on the client's specific timelines and end goals, he works with them from the point of engagement to develop the ideal approach, and manages the details that allow us to prepare for and navigate the changes that occur over the course of a review.


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